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Implement Power BI For Driving Business Intelligence

Implement Power BI For Driving Business Intelligence

Through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling data visualizations, Power BI helps users to consume and evaluate a wide range of live data from a variety of sources.

Data visualization and business intelligence software can make an incredible difference in how decision-making or user experience can be improved by data and insights.

To build data visualizations that are very user friendly, interactive, flexible, and compelling, Power BI easily interacts with your existing Microsoft systems such as Azure, SQL, and Excel. Power BI can also link to over 200+ sources of external data, including sources such as Oracle, SAP, and other essential resources.

Power BI enhances your business intelligence in number of ways:

One dashboard with all datasets:

Using official free add-ons, Power BI can easily construct simplified visualizations of the most business-critical data that everyone can read and understand at a glance.

These applications have highly customizable graphics that you can use to show the details as easily or creatively as you like.

Analysing past data and predicting future

You can run and compare various ‘What If’ scenarios on your results, such as financial forecasts or industry-specific growth markets, using the analytics and forecasting software on the Power BI desktop by adding a forecast to your line chart – all without any specific coding involved.

One such instrument that offers excellent predictive analytics and forecasting features to explore accurate future results is Power BI.

Simplified and accessible insights

To begin using Power BI for data analysis or understand how it presents information, you don’t have to be a data scientist. The instrument makes it as simple or as detailed as you want to read and present visual reports.

Drag-and-drop is the graphical interface for building dashboards, so you can organize data with a few clicks and customize how it is further presented by downloading free add-ons from apps from Microsoft and third parties.

Visualizing sales against marketing

There might be scenarios where the sales team is not able to meet the set targets of a company. This problem could also be a result of the quality or the quantity of the lead provided by the marketing team.

Power BI helps you interpret and visualize data from both sales and marketing team and help to solve critical issues. It brings relevant data to track customer behaviour through campaigns.

Company’s Financial performance

Having a real time look at your company’s financial position through Microsoft Power BI helps to gain real time results of profitability, the revenue generated, top selling products.

You get a chance to rectify errors in real time to avoiding concern of massive loss of revenue as you get visuals from multiple levels.

Use-cases of Power BI

World Most Prominent Media Agency

One of the world’s most prominent media agency. They are largest cable television provider aimed at serving smaller cities and towns. They needed a module that can easily measure and represent the health of a large number of diversified data sets. ‘Health check’ was found as the solution which can capture every multi-platform in one platform. It comes with a campaign dashboard, collaborative site to ask queries, earned media effectiveness.

Leading US Energy Company

Stakeholders and administrators can now easily visualize data of different states/regions/cities to achieve dynamic energy management effectively and efficiently. The dashboards provide a view of state wise generation of energy in terms of various sources like coal, nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, etc.

Leading Non-Profit & Microfinance Company

This leading non-profit works on the collection of data of very poor people in detail in order to provide them tools empowering them to meet everyday realities. The challenge occurred when the foundation had to make more impact for an initiative named Ghana Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH). Feature of accessible, customizable reports creation and data visualization was created. This enabled their employees to get a better understanding of data which resulted in the justification of program expenses and data driven enhancement. Being user friendly it saved additional cost of formal training.

Major International Airport in Western Europe

major international airport in London which has a record of handling 80.8 million passengers in 2019.

The Airport manages 2,00,000 passengers every day. Keeping management functionality proper can be quite challenging task for airport authorities and departments.
The airport needed a centralized digital management system to use the large amounts of data being produced at the airport.

Heathrow went with Microsoft Power BI as their business intelligence software and Microsoft Azure. The data collection of flight schedules, tracking systems, check-ins was deployed to Microsoft Azure technology. Power BI shapes this data into useful informative visuals showing different statistics of ground staff, passenger management and security queues, etc.



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