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3 Most Powerful AdWords Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

3 Most Powerful AdWords Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

Marketing on Google AdWords can be one of the most powerful ways to promote your ecommerce website. But, Adwords is a complex system that demands constant tracking of your campaigns. Being an expert digital marketing manager, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends and advanced developments – something which can be difficult for a busy website owner to handle. There are several ways and tools that you can use to engage the customers to your e-store and make sales.

This article will throw some lights on some of the most effective tips that help you manage your Ecommerce AdWords campaigns in the best way possible.

Use Ad Extensions

Google Adwords comes with a wide range of features that allows you to expand your reach amongst potential customers. One of the most exciting features of Adwords is the ad sitelinks, which allows you to show additional links to pages on your website below your ads. It is completely free and easy to use and can help you promote your products and services at minimal effort. For instance, below you can see an ad related to wheelchairs: Google is also showing other products pages below the Ad; Ultralightweight Chairs, Power Wheelchairs, Heavy Duty Wheelchairs, Free Catalog:

This kind of setup will have a positive impact on CTR (click-through rates) as they expand the amount of space your advertisement takes up on a page and may engage some users to click on the ad. Don’t forget to consider the Location, Call and Social extensions for providing better visibility of your ads.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords enables you to define a set of keywords for which you do not want any ad to display. Suppose, you are running a campaign related to an Antivirus, but you don’t provide this product for free trials. In this condition, you must add the keyword ‘free’ in your negative keyword list that will restrict your ad from users who are looking for free Antivirus. This step will ultimately help you save your value money on people who are unlikely to buy anything from your website. An extensive negative keyword list is essential for your campaign. You can start with the most obvious negative keywords, and then research about more keywords relates to your products or services.

Use Impression Share Data

One of the most important elements of Google AdWords is the impression share which is underestimated by most users. It is a metric of your AdWords account that provides you with the percentage of available impression shares. If impression share of a specific campaign is low, then you may be missing out on traffic or clicks, and you really need to review your campaigns regarding budget, bids, and keywords. You can boost the impression share by assuring that your target keywords are relevant to your ad copy and landing page. With this optimization, you can make your ads more relevant. You should also try increasing the bids and see the results – it may boost the traffic without spending much. Besides, make sure you are only targeting the relevant areas or countries.



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