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5 Skills Every Mobile App Developer Should Have

5 Skills Every Mobile App Developer Should Have

Smartphones and mobile applications are evolving and transforming the way of communication. Besides, the technological development is emerging significantly, making mobile app development one of the most exciting careers in IT industry. Mobile app development is a process of building software or applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The process is pretty similar to web app development but one main difference, however, is that mobile apps are often created specifically to use some of the special features of a particular device.

Since mobile phones and apps have become an important part of our life, there is no doubt that the demand for mobile app developers is remarkably high. The App development has become a popular career choice for those looking forward to break into the IT industry – from Android to iOS application development. But how will you become the best mobile app developer and make yourself stand out from the crowd? In this blog, you will find five skills every client or employer looks for in a mobile application developer:

UX/UI Design Skills

When it comes to building innovative mobile apps, it’s not enough for a developer to learn the code. With a large number of apps available to install, your applications need to be unique, have a great design and smooth usability. Most clients or employers look for candidates with excellent User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) skills to make sure that their applications have the best chance of getting revenue.

Modern Programming Languages

Another key skill that a person looks for in his/her app developer is a strong grasp of modern programming languages and advanced technologies. Expertise in front-end development and a basic understanding of some common programming languages such as Java, PHP, HTML5 can make you stand out from the crowd. Besides, you need to know about Objective-C, Adobe Flash Lite, Python, and other modern languages such as Apple’s Xcode development language.

Cross-platform Development

In this advanced mobile app sector, it’s not enough to have expertise in creating apps for one platform – you need to be able to build any kind of app for every device. Clients always look for the programmers having expertise in iOS, Blackberry, and Android app development. So, if you’re able to develop the app available on multiple platforms, then you can make your portfolio more appealing to the clients.

Agile Methodologies Experience

If you’re wondering to build your career in app development, then you also need to be familiar with agile methodologies. Agile is an umbrella term for different software development methodologies that empower programmers, project manager, and clients to collaborate and make the most effective decision. So, if you are having experience of Agile software development, then you’ll have a good opportunity to impress the hiring manager or client.

Computer Science Degree or Equivalent

Some of the clients may ask for your academic qualification that will include computer science qualification or computing. Whether it’s about graduation an online course, make sure to add some related qualification in your portfolio. It will show that you are officially qualified in a particular area of work. Though, if you don’t have an academic qualification – do not worry! If you have enough working experience, and maybe some apps already in your portfolio, then you don’t need any certificate.



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