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Do You Know The Importance Of Ecommerce Mobile App In Your Business?

Do You Know The Importance Of Ecommerce Mobile App In Your Business?

Today, mobile has become one of the significant needs of retail and commerce landscape. Mobile apps are widely used by the most people, and their usage rises more rapidly than the time used for messaging and calling or web browsing. If you are an e-commerce business owner and haven’t created your e-commerce mobile apps yet, then you are losing an opportunity to grab the attention of a large number of customers.

Being an owner of eCommerce business, you should be aware of latest trends rising in the e-commerce market. These recent trends are generally related to mobile apps whose rage is dominating its place between the smartphone users.

The extensive growth of mobile app in 2015

The number of smartphone user is growing, according to a global report released in 2015, which found that 40% of the 58% total growth in mobile app usage came from potential users in 2015. That is a notable growth from the previous years. So it’s no longer a matter of asking whether mobile app marketing is important or not. Customer preference for mobile applications v/s mobile sites should also be considered here. Furthermore, the below-mentioned graph reveals that how consumers behave while using different types of devices.

Why a Mobile Phone App for E-commerce

Today, people use a mobile phone not just to make a call or send a message, they read on it, get latest news or updates, and even book a movie ticket, taxi, or room with it. Mobile App is one of the convenient ways that a business owner can do to interact with the consumers. This marketing tool has generated a new way of revenue to e-commerce businesses. Rather than buying products there are several services that your target audience will love to prefer like a mobile complaint management solutions. Companies can take this opportunity by launching their own eCommerce mobile app to target a larger number of audiences. This approach has highly welcomed by the public in past few years.

Future of Mobile Ecommerce App

Mobile phone apps provide the great opportunity to find the products in the easiest way. Consumers can easily find the company’s product details with a single touch. One of the most vital advantages that mobile apps can offer is to give alerts to the consumers. It makes a more pleasant experience for the users in connecting with the company. The scope of mobile commerce app is suspected to be very high. It is expected that the sales came from mobiles phone app will grow by 30 times in the next five years.

Mobile devices play a role of the direct driver of e-commerce growth. A mobile app keeps your business in continuous touch with your consumers. You can boost your purchase by providing offers, deals and discounts on a regular basis. An e-commerce mobile app keeps your business in continuous touch with your consumers.



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