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Things That Makes PHP A Great Platform For ECommerce – Advantages And Platforms

Things That Makes PHP A Great Platform For ECommerce – Advantages And Platforms

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, an open source server-side script used principally for web apps development and services. PHP is considerably basic for a beginner, yet it offers a lot of superior features for a skilled developer. There are three preeminent domains where PHP scripts are applied, comprising server-side, command line and for writing desktop applications. For those still unfamiliar with PHP yet, it is great to discover its advantages which make it an obvious choice for several web development companies today.

Benefits of Using PHP –

  • Open source
  • Supports structural and object oriented programming
  • Very simple and manageable to clean
  • PHP websites run on all the major operating systems and support almost all the web servers currently.
  • PHP provides robust inbuilt functionalities
  • Holds exceptionally beneficial text processing features
  • Affordable hosting and simple deployment

The majority of digital business owners are integrating various CMSs, CRMs, and various other eCommerce platforms which are PHP-based for several important reasons. Mostly, the platform runs great with HTML providing interactive features which enable one to communicate with store visitants in an approach that HTML alone cannot do.

PHP scripting is easier to learn, and it’s a great platform for an amateur to begin. Read more to know about PHP-based open source platforms-


A platform based on PHP, Prestashop comes with some amazingly powerful marketing feature. It permits one to view the products in real time that buyers add to their carts. PrestaShop is one of the leading popular shopping cart scripts on the web now. The developer community is very robust and features several functionality improvement plug-ins. It has a large group of users which contributes to a great support system. The shopping cart platform is an obvious choice for developers and designers, making graphics adjustment simple.


Drupal is a free, open-source CMS composed in PHP and is distributed under theGeneral Public License. Furthermore, the CMS is used as a widely by eminent websites globally – personal blogs, business, political and government websites. Drupal is also employed for knowledge management and business collaboration. The standard release is known as Drupal core which has essential features of CMS. These include menu registration, page layout customization, management and maintenance, system administration, RSS feeds, and taxonomy.


X-Cart is one of the most evenly priced and easy to customize eCommerce platforms. With the smart template systems, it is managed commercially. Though you need to pay licensing fees, for X-Cart and with some add-on modules, the price can cost you more. But, you can download the core open source platform for free – X-Cart Pro or X-Cart Gold.


An open source eCommerce shopping cart system, Open Cart is based on PHP. It provides an out-of-the-box quick fix with fewer manual interruption and configuration. OpenCart is an outstanding choice for people planning to start selling on the internet swiftly and efficiently. It has an extensive array of both free and paid extensions. OpenCart has a broad scope for effectively customizing the store to suit business needs.



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