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Why Magento Security Patches Are Essential For Your Magento ECommerce Website

Why Magento Security Patches Are Essential For Your Magento ECommerce Website

Magento can be termed as one of the most popular and fastest growing ecommerce platform that is the reason it comes under the threat of attacks from the hackers. The hackers can get inside your online shop and spam the customers, steal customer data and credit card information. The hackers are always and trying to steal the customer information. Many of them are after the credit card details; if they get successful, it might lead to stressful thing for both the company and customer.

Most customers who shop from the online store have trust that it is safe and companies should not break that trust and lose that customer forever. This is why it is important to secure your site from these threats. Magento has increased the security vulnerability by launching a series of security patches recently. Each of the patches is unique and can protect your website against cyber threats; one must install them on their site to keep the website secure and healthy.

This below blog list out some of the best patches released by Magento:

SUPEE- 5344 Magento Security Patch– This patch was released on February 9th, 2015, it was created to protect the remote command execution vulnerability of a website. This patch can be used by Magento Enterprise only; it can be manually applied to the ecommerce website and is very critical.  This patch is used to protect the site from hackers, who wants to access the website’s store and its sensitive data like customer information. It is a crucial patch to protect your customer data but it is not widely used.

SUPEE- 6237 Magento Security Patch– This is an imperative security patch launched by Magento that works with USPS API.  It was released in this year on 18th June 2016 by Magento; it makes sure that the Canadian international shipping rates are used correctly.  It enables the customer to see all the shipping options available to them and secure their personal data.  The first two patches were applied to both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise; second two were used for installation of Magento only. It was constructed as a preventive measure for the websites and protects them from issues like information leaks, request forgeries, and cross-site scripting.

SUPEE-1533 Magento Security Patch– Released in 3rd October 2014, this security patch can help to avert the hackers from implementing arbitrary code on Magento. If this patch is not used, attackers can run a PHP code on the server with the help of Magento login. Same as the above, this plugin is also employed by Magento Enterprise or community.  This patch is very useful as it makes sure that the admin access is blocked for everyone who is not trusted by the website.

For the purpose of security, all websites must put regular action for the safety. All sites must have a strong password, card verification value (CVV) and address verification system (AVS). Websites need to be regularly monitored and backed up. Magento ecommerce platform has various security patches that are launched to solve security issues, and these patches are released for the use of both enterprises and communities. The above Magento Security Patches can secure your ecommerce website from attackers and help your Magento eCommerce Development Company to implement precautions to your ecommerce business.



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