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Why WooCommerce Is An Ideal Option For Startup E-Commerce Websites?

Why WooCommerce Is An Ideal Option For Startup E-Commerce Websites?

As the entire world is embracing the advancement of technology and setting up their ecommerce business, it seems to be an ongoing trend for the entrepreneurs to have their online presence via amazing ecommerce websites. Brand new startups, service business, small industry, and Ecommerce solutions should use WordPress platform to create their business website. It is flexible, resourceful and money saving.  Because of the above features, most of the small business owners opt for it.

WooCommerce is a designed by WooThemes, which is just another WordPress plugin. However, no another plugin have such a level of potential similar to WooCommerce. With the availability of a vast number of platforms to create ecommerce stores, enthusiastic business owners may get confuse which one to opt. They need to collect all the information to choose an ideal platform for them, to ease down this process we have mentioned the best platform which is ideal for startups: let’s have a look-

WooCommerce is a plugin, and it is Free– With 16,562,018 downloads which are increasing per day, WooCommerce powers over 37% of all ecommerce stores. It is extremely popular among business owners as it is Free. In spite of being a free WordPress plugin, it offers great features such as flexibility, easy to use and can be utilized without having wide technical details.

Enable Customization– WooCommerce is free, but it allows a vast customization options. More than 20% of the new websites are built using it , as it offers various themes and one can customize them by tweaking some codes and make  their website look promising. You can even try your hands at checking out new features that come with every theme and can build an exclusive look.

Inbuilt Analytics for better focus– As a startup owner, one must have to track the feedback of its efforts whether they are working or not and if doesn’t he can take required action. Often business owners are not aware of the process to implement analytics on their websites; this is where WooCommerce becomes the best option which comes with inbuilt analytics for better focus.

User-Friendly– If a person is familiar working with WordPress and its plugins, and then working with WordPress will be very easy for him. Ease of working doesn’t make it unprofessional. WooCommerce enables the user to open and past orders, and update status apply discounts very easily. As it is user-friendly it can help to save time, avoid miscommunication and improve the creativity.

Undoubtedly, we can say that WooCommerce is an ideal option for startups. It is reportedly the fastest growing ecommerce platform for business owners who seek for flexible, resourceful and affordable ecommerce solutions. The most important features of WooCommerce that attracts startups are ease of use, free of cost, professionalism and user-friendliness.



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