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How Much Revenue Can You Earn With A Mobile App?

How Much Revenue Can You Earn With A Mobile App?

The mobile market has frequently grown over the past few years, and professional experts predict continued growth. Today, mobile internet usage boycotted desktops, and 80% of internet users have smartphones. With such large numbers, it’s no wonder why several companies and entrepreneurs are launching their own mobile app.

If you are new into the e-commerce market, wondering to enter it or simply have an innovative idea for an application, your first question is likely to be related to the profit. The following explanation of mobile app earning will give you a clear view on how much your app can make revenue or money:

The Earnings in Past Few Years

With the well-obtained global revenue of $25 billion in 2014 and expected global revenue of $46 billion by 2016, apps are seemed to grow in upcoming years. Video games are well-known for their high earnings. There are some great profits obtained by some applications like “Clash of Clans” (making $1,118,457 per day in revenue). Besides, “Candy Crush” is generating $884,676 per day via in-app purchases.

For instance, the relatively simplistic iSteam app got earnings of over $100,000 in one month. iFart is another app that gained over $100,000 within two weeks. Moreover, Android app GUI Wonderful Widgets has been a well-known success story. With a price of $2.49 and above 500,000 downloads, GUI’s developers have earned over 1 million dollars in revenue.

What will be the Platform of Your App?

So, you have decided to launch a mobile app for your business. Firstly, you have to finalize what platforms or theme you want to create your application on. It will significantly influence your earning potential due to market perception and platform popularity. You can rate the platforms according to the percentage of app developers’ earnings. The master in this division is Apple’s iOS platform with above 25% of its developers getting approx $5,000 per month.


Furthermore, Android is also a leading platform with over 16% of its developers obtain approx $5,000 per month in revenue. The overall earnings of iOS platform have increased customers’ odds to make money through their app market.

As you have seen, there are a plethora of opportunities to get revenue in the app market. The mobile app market has undergone high growth since its first conception. Applications are rising to branch out from the cellular platform as more advanced smartphones are knocking the market. Today, mobile usage is increasing at the value of other media i.e. print, TV and online.



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