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Benefits Of Choosing Magento For Your Next ECommerce Store

Benefits Of Choosing Magento For Your Next ECommerce Store

Besides an extensive pallet of great, advanced features, Magento, a leading open-source e-commerce platform, is best known for offering store owners with ultimate flexibility to manage their visual appeal, content and functioning of their online stores.

Not to be outdone, this outstanding e-commerce development platform features excellent admin control panel plugged with advanced tools for SEO, online marketing and catalogue-management. Magento development India has a successful track-record of creating sites tailor-made to clients’ business needs.

What’s more is this e-commerce software provides businesses with an online shopping cart solution that leverage the power of highly scalable design and an extensive support network. Thanks to its wide array of business benefits, Magento has succeed in marking its name as one of the most reliable and reputed e-commerce site development platform.

Even you can integrate Magento software into your existing web store for the very needed dynamic interface and magnificent user experience for your valued customers.

What makes Magento the No.1 E-commerce platform?

It offers a whole gamut of advanced, user-friendly features

  • Your Magento web store can get updated automatically upon your permission and you will not find such feasibility in other e-commerce solutions available out there.
  • It is dynamic, fast yet simple, making it extremely easy for buyers to search and buy products through website.
  • It ensures quite interactive and enjoyable online shopping experience.
  • It provides supports to web based stores so as to enable them promote their inventory across different domains. It also supports multiple websites.
  • Thanks to its MVC structure and an array of extensions, it makes your web store quite scalable.
  • It offers tools for online marketing, SEO and catalogue management bespoke to client’s needs.

What makes it a smart choice for web store owners?

How does it beat WordPress – While WordPress allows you to add e-commerce related plugins, but you simply can’t overlook on a fact that it was initially developed as a blogging platform. And Magento is developed exclusively for custom e-commerce needs of businesses.

How does it beat Shopify – In comparison of Magento that offers hundreds of templates and extensions, Shopify offers of about 200 templates. In addition, Shopify doesn’t provide you with extensions and customization options as in the case of Magento. Those who are looking for a small-scale e-commerce site for a short timeframe can certainly opt for Shopify, but those looking for a robust and powerful e-commerce solution need not to look beyond Magento.

How does it beat BigCommerce – While BigCommerce is easy to set up, its plug-ins are quite difficult to work with. Besides, it has restricted third party support. But Magento has quite easy to use framework and great third party support.

How does it beat Miva Merchant – As you know, Magento is open-source framework, meaning you can download it for free. But Miva is a paid framework provided it’s not too expensive. You may use custom programming language for Miva, while you need to use PHP for Magento. Unlike Miva, Magento don’t offer reseller discount or loyalty program, but it does offer product review and product wish-list features.

How does it beat XCart – Unlike the defined code of XCart, Magento is open source code. Furthermore, XCart has dearth of flexibility and customization features, as provided by Magento.

In the last of the discussion, you can note that every e-commerce development platform you choose has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However knowing your purpose and vision behind e-commerce development will help you choose the right platform. Remember, no two businesses can have same requirements. Magento is indeed one of the most widely used and popular e-commerce solutions by businesses these days. From start-up businesses to large-scale enterprises, Magento can cater to all for the most stringent of their e-commerce needs.



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