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What is the importance of SEO? 

With the whole world going digital, a staggering volume of websites and web content is getting posted every day, so merely having an online presence is not enough and the main challenge now is to become visible among the masses. As a thumb rule, the volume of new business opportunities (Leads) is directly related to how prominently your website appears in a Web Search Result. 

SEO is primary driver which focuses on ensuring that the content of your website is accurate\up-to-date and its appearance at the top of the list for search results. 

Here, Soluzione is the Best SEO Company that remains abreast with the latest Internet Marketing Strategies and Technologies, working with specialized tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Tag Manager, SEMRush, Agency Analytics, SE Ranking and more. 

What does a SEO Specialists do? 

Nowadays, organizations of all sizes and domains are hiring SEO Specialist across the world as they want to grow their business\sales through increased ROI using the web. 

SEO Specialist are hired to identify and resolve the errors and shortcoming of a website thereby improving its visibility on Search Engines to increase traffics and clicks. 

These SEO experts perform multiple activities for On-Page, Technical and Off-Page SEO propelling your services to become visible to the targeted audience for your services. 

 SEO can broadly be Categorize into 3 Techniques 

ON-Page SEO  

While Website comes to our company Soluzione IT Services. 

We follow the Latest Google Algorithm Strategy,  

Major Activities of On-Page 

  • Optimize your title tag and meta description 
  • Create Unique Content 
  • Optimize image Alt Tags 
  • URL-friendly 
  • Internal linking on your pages 
  • Improve Site Loading Time 
  • Optimize Web site Design
  • Errors find out 

Technical SEO 

 Using Technical SEO can help to increase your site crawling and indexing in search engines. 

  • Optimize Sitemap 
  • Optimize Robots.txt 
  • Optimize Schema Markups 
  • Optimize Duplicate Meta Tags 
  • Audit for keyword cannibalization in Website 
  • Mobile Responsive 

Off-Page SEO  

Off-page Activities are used to make Quality Backlinks on respective pages and activities are: 

  • Social bookmarking 
  • Local Listing 
  • Business Profile Creation 
  • Image/Video/Infographics Submission 
  • Content Promotion/Curation 
  • Classified Ads Submission 
  • Web Directory 
  • Forum Posting 

Why is SEO concerned with website-website relationship? 

Development of your website is one time once they deploy on Search engines. But Internet Marketing is a long time Activity because it can be a hidden secret for your business. 

SEO takes your business from the initial to the topmost stage, Soluzione helps to grow your business at an Affordable Pricing. Because they serve affordable SEO services at a low cost. 

Why SEO is important for your online success? 

SEO is important to your website business they promote your services and products online and market your business online through paid marketing, so your services and products are visible on most of the pages in search engines and it will be more effective for your product selling and generate your sales. 



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