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Your Checklist For Effective Offshoring/Outsourcing Your MVP

Your Checklist For Effective Offshoring/Outsourcing Your MVP

A software developer who works on several software development projects from a remote location is known as an offshore developer (abbreviated OSD). Offshore development businesses, to which responsibilities are frequently transferred, are third-party organizations based in nations with a large pool of tech expertise and cheaper living expenses. This allows them to offer IT services at affordable prices while retaining high quality. This is an example of offshore software development: if you’re a US-based company and want to hire engineers in Asia.

How can a startup employ offshore developers?

We’ve put up a step-by-step checklist to assist you in prioritizing the various phases and easily outsourcing your IT development work.

  • Know your objectives and company goals

Start by establishing your company’s primary aims since you’ll need to define goals for your offshore development team. What are your objectives and objectives for your minimal viable product (MVP)? The majority of development initiatives must be divided into manageable milestones. These milestones can be used as smaller goals that are easier to convey to other parties.

  • Consider your budget and look for methods to save money

Because staying under budget is so important to your company’s success, make sure you do the math on the wage range you can afford to give candidates. You should also include in the costs of recruitment.

  • Define your budget beforehand to save on recruitment expenditures

Prepare a strategy for distributing it to certain areas, such as sourcing and onboarding. Investigate the expenses associated with possible sites (to estimate minimum and maximum compensation ranges) and include them in your outsourcing objectives.

  • Perform job analysis and determine the necessary skills

A job analysis will aid you much in the outsourcing process. It entails methodically evaluating the nature of the work, its primary tasks, and the abilities needed to succeed in this role. There are two methods for doing job analyses, according to What Is Human Resource:

1. A task-oriented strategy in which you concentrate on the job’s obligations, functions, and responsibilities

2. An employee-centered strategy focuses on the unique skills and expertise needed to complete the job successfully.

  • Consider which hard talents you’ll need for your project

To construct your offshore developer job description, you’ll need to specify the exact hard skills necessary for your project. When you finish the job analysis, you may finish this phase.

Do you need Python, PHP, or Java expertise, for example, and what are the precise sub-skills your offshore developers would need to use these frameworks successfully?

If your project necessitates knowledge of RESTful API concepts, C++, or a thorough understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the sub-skills for each of these skill sets will be critical as well.

  • Ensure that their process is in sync with yours

Delays might occur if there are inconsistencies between the workflows of an offshore team and yours. As a result, the completion of the project is just as vital as the productivity of your offshore developers. In other words, their process should be similar to yours.

Remember that the approaches used by US development teams differ from those used by Asian development teams: although US organizations frequently utilize agile methodologies, Asian development teams typically use waterfall methodologies. This may have an influence on in-house and offshore teams’ workflow coordination.

Do not choose the team with the lowest charges

Often, the cheapest choice is not the best. If you choose the cheapest team solely on the basis of the price they quote, you may end up having to fix code that was poorly written. Avoid making judgments exclusively based on the advertised charge by choosing developers that give the most affordable rates.



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