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Magento – A phenomenal platform to develop your e-commerce application

Magento – A phenomenal platform to develop your e-commerce application

MAGENTO is an Open-Source platform for merchants with cart system, control and functionality of their online store. Magento eCommerce service platform is written in PHP, purvey flexible shopping cart systems, compelling marketing, Search Engine Optimization. It uses MVC(Model-View-Controller)and Zend Framework.  Magento development company has proven its efficiency as well as performance. Due to its high ability, it is known as the most powerful shopping cart. The most popular brands named as Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, Olympus, etc. uses Magento as an eCommerce platform.

Magento relates to highly successful and efficient shopping cart so that you get a maximum asset from your ecommerce website. It has the best security system which is beyond SEO. .It provides a range of plug-ins and themes which increase your experience. At present, it is having two versions: Magento Community and Magento Enterprises. Both versions are free and majorly focused on small business. With its enormous availability, you can get help anywhere and everywhere.

Magento the leading eCommerce development platform having 100,000+ online retailers. There are many other eCommerce websites available in the market. Every platform has their aspect. Let’s discuss why Magento is given priority over other platforms:

By requirement, size and budget of every business, everyone uses Magneto.


1.The Enhanced Feature Of The Account

Designed for entirely ascend-able and contributing to excellent performance. Magento eCommerce development provided exclusive features in the backend and fronted to improve marketing and analytical techniques. All the above-stated features increase the shopping experience of your consumers. Magento has introduced Magento2.0  which enhances the performance and much easier to use by any user. This behavior makes Magento eCommerce different from other platforms.


2.Open Source Technology

Unlike other eCommerce web stores, Magento gives its users the same experience when they come to shop at the storefront.  Its open source so much easier to add any other feature and enhance the glance of your eCommerce website. A free extension for tracking the unique behavior of visitors/clients you can add always add Nosto on your site. Nosto gives the power of personalization. These fascinating features deliver a personalized shopping experience to your clients.

A non-developer can also use Magento eCommerce platform. However, this community is large as well as helpful.


3.Pocket Affable

Magento as open source eCommerce platform is free to download and install. The user can add features what they want in their Magento. You may go to the community of Magento for any troubleshoot or query. You don’t have to pay extra costs for adding up new features to your site which is not available on other platforms. That means you can create the way you want your website to look like without paying a hefty amount. Inevitably this comes in your pocket’s favor.


4.Remarkable Speed

While going to other platforms and sliding forward, you must wait or allow them to load. The time they take to load may irritate you. But in your own Magento, you don’t have to wait for your site to load. Magento is speedy. It retrieves the data from large databases in no time without slowing down your work. You can read the pages at an impressive rate, cache them and then process them in no time. Overall providing the pages fast gives a positive impact on the user.


5.Easy Integration


Magento has extensible API which makes secure connectivity to an app/plugin without affecting the cost. Whether you want to add some plugin like shipping, tracking, gateways or any third party app can be easily integrated. On the contrary, other websites or platforms for integrating all these services an extra amount which you may not like. You can easily track your transactions if they get stuck on the way.


6.SEO Compatibility

The reason you will using Magneto is SEO compatibility. You can create meta tags, URL’s, site maps, navigation and more without facing any hassle. Magento provides these features inbuilt. You don’t have to pay your time for making the site user-friendly. It means everything has been arranged for you which you may need for making your website familiar



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