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AngularJs – An Ideal Platform to Build Dynamic Web Applications

AngularJs – An Ideal Platform to Build Dynamic Web Applications

Being a front-end website developer, you highly need to rely on JavaScript (JS) to build the interacting aspects of a site that visitors see in their browsers. Speaking of JS, there are several frameworks and libraries available used to streamline and simplify the complex code. AngularJS is a widely-used JavaScript framework which gives developers everything they require to set up the front-end of a web application with a modular program and great support community.

Simplifies the web app development

AngularJS is known as the most popular JavaScript framework which was launched with the motive of simplifying the web app development. It is widely used to build single page dynamic, web applications.

  • It supports the Model View Controller (MVC) programming structure.
  • Several mobile websites such as Google, HBO, and Virgin America are powered by AngularJS.
  • Developed by Google, it is an open-source JavaScript framework.
  • It can be added to any HTML page using a



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