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The best mobile web design trends that must be followed

The best mobile web design trends that must be followed 

Being a web designer, you must know what the latest and upcoming designing trends are. The knowledge of current web trends will help you stay ahead of the competition and meet the needs of your customers. Nowadays, websites are following very different trends, and it is necessary to go with them.

Here are some of the best mobile web design trends that will rule:

Natural looking yet large background images:

Whether it is an e-commerce store, a personal portfolio or a fashion blog, photos play a vital role in digital communication. You can use engaging images to attract visitors and convey your message. For a long time, many websites have been suffering from cheesy photographs in which people are wearing fake smiles. But, now the scenario has been changed. Today, designers use natural looking pictures for the website or blog posts. Nevertheless, 2016 is the year of real imagery, and every designer should take advantage of using natural photographs to connect with the audience in a genuine way.

Video Background:

The web design works as storytelling tools, and it can be more beneficial when visuals and motion are involved so the emotions can be transferred to the visitors in the most effective way. Today, users prefer content in a visual format that’s why this trend is growing rapidly. However, this trend will more grow in 2016 with HD quality videos and 3D graphics to provide real life experience to the visitors. Extended load time is the biggest drawback of this trend. Though some websites have solved this problem by creating beautifully-designed loading screens, but still visitors have to wait for the full background to load.

Personal Branding Web Design:

The main motive of personal branding is to provide users with the clear vision and mission of the website’s owner. Personal photo with a meaning quote (written by yourself) ensures that you are trustworthy and worth following.

Web Design Trend- Mobile First Websites:

If you want to get great success in today’s market, then your website must be fully responsive. Don’t forget to adopt a mobile-first approach while designing the website. You must take care of how smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices will show your content. It will help you target a large number of audiences and get maximum ROI.



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