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The world has become prone to technology and devices. Computers and the internet have become essential and a crucial factor here. The advancement of smart devices and wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth have taken the world to the next level.

Each and every day there is a new technology invented and also version releases and other features in gadgets. But at the same cost, there is an increased risk of cyber attacks being emerged.

Though we are in the world of smart devices, there is a great vulnerability hiding back. Vulnerability comes in terms of Cyber Security. Cyber Security attacks have been increasing every single day.

It is said that US alone have witnessed a loss between $57 billion and $109 billion per year to malicious cyber activity, according to an estimate published Friday by the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

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The fundamental responsibility of cybersecurity is to protect the applications from threats and malware.

There are measures being taken to identify the weak areas which can be easily eliminated.

The Cyber Security threats have been crucial in the following three ways:


In the previous years, viruses were actually introduced by programmers. But in today’s world, cyber attacks are made with a very well plan.


The potential pace at which the attackers attack the system has also increased.


The potential impact has also seen a vast rise due to the penetration of the internet.

What can AI do for Cybersecurity as a protector and as a terminator?

These anti-attacks need more strategies and learning methods for a better monitoring. But AI shouldn’t take away the jobs from Cybersecurity experts.

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AI in Cybersecurity

When it comes to Cybersecurity, AI analyzes a vast amount of data, help the system and software to function with algorithms at the backend. Since it can work in 24×7 without a break so humans can’t beat the same. AI will allow automated software testing to discover and eliminate bugs before they ship to avoid any banking opportunities on loopholes.

AI likely to kill the requirement of complex passwords or any sort of passwords. With the help of artificial intelligence, the need of passwords could come to an end in next 5 to 10 years. The user identity and access management industry requires to redesign and rethinks the next modus operandi.

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Challenges and risks with AI for Cyber Security

The foremost thing when it comes to dealing with challenges is the future relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. But there can also be some risks involved that need to be noted.

Artificial Intelligence represents intelligent machines can learn from experience, allowing them to work and react as a human would. This also suggests same mistakes can’t be ignored.

The Role of AI and ML

These double-edge swords are going to be the game changers for the cybersecurity team. This indicates, although both the AI and ML have an increasing rate of cybersecurity solution, they more frequently contribute to cybersecurity problems.

So when thinking about Ml and AI, it is important not to take an insular approach. Don’t just concentrate on your company’s isolation. Just consider what your competitors might be using in regard to scanning technology for placing security defects in code or vulnerabilities in production and how you can best keep up.

Role of AI and ML - Sumanastech

Tangible Benefits of Cybersecurity

24/7 monitored access

It requires protecting the data centre with security by an essential are 24/7 video surveillance of all areas of the facility.

Multi-factor access control of users for certain areas or activities.

Imperative presentation of government-issued photo IDs for all visitors and secure areas within the centre for employee meetings and collaborations.

Eventually, however, the value of these protection measures adds on the consistent enforcement of security policies and the support of security vendors with demonstrated cybersecurity expertise.

Access to Security Partners

In addition to a company’s on-site 24/7 support from operations and facilities personnel, it’s just as essential for employees to have 24/7 access to the services and technical support of their remote data centre in order to get prompt attention and quick resolution of any potential issues.

To Close

Cybersecurity is not just a domain for a specific set of people to go with their responsibility. It is the job of every employee in the organization. One of the fact which made us wonder is, around every 3 seconds data gets stolen!

There are organizations who are the victims for cyber attacks. So it is the duty each and everyone in the organization to avoid this.

If you have any suggestions or comments, you can jot down them in the comments section below!

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