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What is software testing and Why it is necessary to do?

Software testing company India is necessary because we all make mistakes. It is a process through which we can get to know that our application is working correctly or not as per requirement.

Why software testing is necessary?

While doing testing of any software projects sometimes we find critical bugs and sometimes major bugs which are necessary to fix as it can lead to a bad quality product and it will reflect bad impression and cost to the company. When we do testing of any application than it shows the difference between our given input and expected output. Testing access the quality of the application and enhance the capability of any application. In other words we can say testing is the process of verification and validation of any application.


Verification is the process through which we can get to know whether the product satisfies the conditions imposed at the start of the development time. in other words we can say it make sure that application is behaving same as we want.


Validation is the process through which we can get to know whether application is working correctly as per user requirement at the end of application made.

Although there are many types of testing which is need to do when a software tester get involved in it.

Testing Types which are necessary to do …….!!!

  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Component testing
  • integration testing
  • Retesting
  • Regression testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Security testing

There are several reasons which clearly tell us as why Software testing is important and what are the major things that we should consider while testing of any product or application. ( Software Testing Company India )

Software testing is very important because of the following reasons:

  • Testing is very important in order to provide the high quality product or software application which requires lower maintenance cost and hence results into more accurate, consistent and reliable results.
  • Software testing is really important to point out the defects and errors that were made during the development time.
  • Testing make sure about the satisfaction in the application.
  • Quality products delivered to the customers/User helps in getting their confidence and faith in our system.
  • Testing is required for an effective performance of application.
  • It’s important to ensure that the application should not result in to failure because at later it will cost a lot to the company.
  • It’s required to stay in this business.



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