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10 Mobile Apps to Boost Work Productivity

Clearly, technology has changed business operations on a global scale. Worldwide organizations recognize the level of business productivity that digital technology can bring in and embrace connectivity with enthusiasm.

Mobile Applications are no longer just for gaming and social media. In order to help them remain organized, productive and accessible, small business owners, side-hustlers and freelancers focus on business mobile applications as well.

1) Zoho One (IPad, IPhones, And Android)

  • For CRM, Reports, Helpdesk, and Management

Zoho One is a one-tap system that uses mobile phones to manage all your Zoho applications. Toggle between your entire organization’s admin view and your private account’s individual view. Using admin-level permissions without confusion.

Zoho creates a lot of excellent business applications. Zoho’s apps are packed with features and are as easy to use on a website or desktop as they are on a mobile device. Zoho One is excellent in handling CRM, reports, a marketing system, management of social media, ticketing for helpdesks, online conferences, project management, presentation, payroll, inventory management, etc.

Zoho One Fee: $30 per user per month

2) Google Keep (Android, IOS)
  • To jot down ideas

Looking for an app just like sticky notes on your desktop? Google Keep is the next easiest way to keep those notes on all of your devices. It’s a sticky note app with digital copies of the standard sticky note colors that work everywhere.

Install the extension to Chrome, and then you can add it to Google Keep if you find a website you want to remember — or have an idea you don’t want to forget. Display bullet points for activities and shopping lists, or add notes to the most important stuff so you don’t miss them. The Google Keep toolbar in Google Docs allows you to drag notes into your files and put together analysis and suggestions into a finished piece if you want to use the notes in your work.

Google Keep Price: Free

3) Quickbooks (PC, Mac, Android, IOS)

  • For Accounting and Management

If you are not already using QuickBooks and you are on the hunt for an affordable, user-friendly accounting solution, we strongly advise you to check it out. The service offers a free 30-day trial, and even SaaS subscription entry-level customers ($10 a month) have full access to the QuickBooks mobile app. You can access customer information through the app, send invoices, save receipt pictures, organize invoices, send estimates of email, monitor expenses and even more.

Quickbooks Fee: 30-day free trial; $15/month

4) Square (IOS, Android)
  • For Payment

Thanks to Square, even the smallest businesses can now accept credit cards. You can sign up to receive a credit card reader dongle (free of charge) in the mail after you download the free application.

You can plug it directly into your Android device once the dongle arrives, and there you have it, you have at your disposal a portable POS system. While there are various applications out there, Square is our choice as it is quick to use and flat-rate pricing regardless of the type of card whether it is a credit or debit card, it is perfect for small businesses.

Square App Fee: Free but may require to set billing information in order to download apps from their stores like Google, Amazon, and  Apple.

5) Pixlr (Web, IOS, Android)
  • To Edit Images

Photoshop is still the best in photo editing on Mac and PCs, but often overcrowded. Do you just need to cut or brighten up a simple photo? Do you want to remove a small dot and blur text, or insert image story notes? Pixlr is the best call for you.

This provides main tools for cropping, resizing, flipping, spinning, blurring, healing and restoring pictures— with effects like Instagram portraits, stickers and text to make fun graphics from your photos. The layers, the history, the style tools of Photoshop and the smart healing tools and other advanced editing options are included in the Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Pro for professional editing. Photoshop and Sketch apps can even be imported from your browser.

Pixlr Fee: Core Editor and Express Tools-Free; Pixlr Pro-$5/month

6) Numbers (IOS; IPad And IPhone Devices)

  • For graphs and spreadsheets

Numbers is a widely known Apple application that allows users to create tables, spreadsheets, graphs, images, and graphics using your mobile phones. Input the files and data, you will have more than 250 great features, sliders, steps, and intelligent keyboards.

The major benefit of this application is the ability to save files as numbers, Excel or PDFs and to support a large number of spreadsheet formats. It’s also built into iCloud that automatically synchronizes everything that is written to your other devices, so you can edit your last updated version from your phone or tablet.

Numbers App Fee: $9.99 from iTunes

7) LucidChart (Android, Web, IOS)

  • For Diagram and charts

With its extensive library of templates and standard graphic elements, Lucidchart makes your workload easy and convenient. Need a flowchart to ensure in a workflow you’re not missing anything? Just simply drag the item you want from the left sidebar, type in the text, and click on the red dot to link it with arrows. And you’re all set!

Lucidchart is a working space incorporating diagramming, simulation of information and interaction to promote communication and drive innovation. Lucidchart can automatically convert your data into a chart to map or make mockups of your Salesforce relationships or AWS infrastructure.

LucidChart App Fee: Available in Free Options and  $11.95/month per user for Paid Subscription Plan

8) Trello (IOS, Windows, Android, Mac)
  • For planning and serves as a virtual bulletin board

Trello is built around kanban boards with cards that hold your ideas and lists to organize them instead of a standard list of tasks. You will create, to-do tasks and render boards for projects. Plan, create, rewrite, and publish boards to write or to coordinate anything on a kanban board with hundreds of worklists.

It is a great tool for brainstorming and coordinating with a team. Trying to think about your team’s next idea or the next article you’re supposed to run on your blog? Load every idea on a Trello card and move it into lists to link similar ideas. It’s a tool that can lead you through the completion of concepts at every level.

Trello App Fee: Free Version; $9.99/month Subscription for Business Plan

9) Zoom (Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac)

  • For communication, Team Meeting and Video Calls

Over the years, video calls have improved dramatically, and Zoom is used by many teams and many other remote teams for large team calls. It is a reliable tool for 100 plus individual conferences, with built-in call recording, text messaging, and screen sharing.

If your internet is unreliable, it scales video quality to avoid dropped calls. It includes a virtual whiteboard on the mobile phone to sketch ideas on a call together.

Zoom App Fee: Free Version; Paid Version Pro $14.99 per host/month; Business Paid Version $19.99 per host/month

10) Google Drive (Android, IOS)

  • Cloud Storage and Sync Files

To store all your files somewhere, you need to make sure that they are available if you need them. Google Drive is one of the best choices, especially if you’re working with web apps.

It is built into many of the most popular web applications, so you can open LucidChart diagrams or sign documents directly from Google Drive in DocuSign. And it comes with Google’s own GSuite software for meeting the business needs with Docs, Sheets, and as well as Slides. For additional information, you can read the full features of Gsuite software.

One of the great features I like about it is the Drag and Drop files between folders. You can even browse your recent views through all your files and Google docs together, by clicking the new files displayed.




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