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Make your eCommerce Business more user friendly

Make your eCommerce Business more user friendly

Always keep the customer as your priority. Think about them, work for them, by this you’ll be able to keep them happy as well as satisfied. Customers expect a more comfortable, faster and better approach for shopping. If they found any annoying issue, they’ll surely run away. Be aware of the needs of your customer in an ecommerce business.

Your customer is spending their precious money and time on your products. Do everything to make your customer happy and comfortable! If anything irritated them, you’d lose them forever.

While some of the faults are difficult to find but your customer may see them very quickly. To save you from those painful moments, here are some points to guide in your ecommerce business.

  • Lack of information

Lack of content is the most annoying thing faced by customers. They want to know more about the product that’s why they browse your store. You should tell them why your products and services will benefit their lives. Your customer is looking for:

  • Short and beneficial product descriptions
  • Social proof (testimonials) is necessary from other customers
  • Videos that give a better knowledge about the product
  • Relevant and high-quality images of the product

The content builds a bond of trust and reliability. Think about the above points and use them in your ecommerce business. Always remember to take feedback from your customer:

  1. Was it easy to find what they wanted?
  2. Is the displayed content was satisfactory?

If you think like your customers, the conversions will follow you.

  • Slow Page Speed

For seeking the attention only a few seconds are required but if you are not succeeded in those few seconds then you’ll lose your client forever. It doesn’t matter how hard you have worked on your website for taking it on the first, your hardship will get rewarded only if your customers click your site and revisit it. Slow page speed will frustrate your customers, and they’ll go somewhere else. Slow loading will make your client frustrated. Frustration kills conversions.

According to a ratio, 53% of visits are dropped if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds for loading. 2 seconds is the considerable threshold for accessing e-commerce website. Google aims to have less than a half second.

The best way to skip that ratio is to make your website faster and accessible. Faster sites make people as well as Google happy.

No Guest Checkout

A customer’s time is precious, and everybody doesn’t want to be a part of your work without testing your product quality. They want to check your capabilities by buying a single product and then they can rely upon you. Every time asking for creating an account is a big turn off. The worse thing is you have a button that insists on them to “BUY NOW” but instead of taking them to check out; ask them to create an account.

Just think for a while, a new customer is your priority or a first-time sale?

The answer will always be your customer. You can get the necessary information of your customer via guest checkout. You can send them emails for signing up with you, or give some exciting deals when they create an account, you can also ask them for sign up after they have made their purchase. So provide a guest checkout option.

Your conversions will increase undoubtedly because your customers will not feel pressured to do anything they’re not willing to.

  • Hidden fees & Expensive Shipping Charges

Always stay with your preferred prices. Don’t surprise your customers with the hidden charges. As your customers think of paying a single price for a product, and then they find out the raised prices. You can lose them by doing such annoying things to them.

If possible, offer free shipping on all the orders. If you can’t provide on all the orders than offer them free shipping at certain price thresholds. Be sure to share every detail before getting the credit card information.

Concluding the tips for ecommerce business:

Check Google Analytics for your site. Check where your customers are having trouble or why they are exiting site in big numbers? By understanding their needs and behavior, you can enhance their shopping experience- and your sales!

If you have any question regarding improving your eCommerce store experience or thinking of migrating to the online store, then contact Baymediasoft. We’ll help you in enhancing your web store experience by making it speedy and enchanting. Hire our e-commerce developers for guiding you in your eCommerce business and taking your online store to the next level.



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