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Things You Need to Know About Mobile App Development

Things You Need to Know About Mobile App Development

With the presence of several mobile app development companies, it’s no longer difficult to put together a fully-functional mobile application built all according to your business needs and preferences. However, not every app gets immense downloads and popularity, most of them fail to attract the audience, why?

If you are wondering to launch a mobile app and grow your business, you need to come up with an innovative idea. Your mobile app must solve a problem faced by most users.Before we jump to tips and tricks of the mobile app world, let’s first understand more about mobile application development.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development involves writing software for smartphones and tablets. The idea is to take advantage of specific features of specific devices, for example, a phone’s accelerometer. When an application is native to a device, then the code is specific to a device’s processor. One of the significant disadvantages of building native mobile apps is that the code cannot be used from one OS to another. For example, a native app code for Android cannot be used for iPhones. Browser-based applications are device agnostic, therefore run on various devices in their mobile browsers.

App Development Cost

How much a mobile application costs you is an important thing to consider.  You could spend even $5,000 for a basic app. But, if you have a good hand in mobile app development, you won’t need to spend much. Hiring an app developer can be an ideal option. You can look for app developers who complete their work in a day and do not put quality at stake. Along with developer’s cost, you would also need to consider an app registration fee at an app store and app marketing cost, as well.

Many app developers have launched their own applications and games and become highly successful. Being a mobile app developer requires a skill set that is complex and diverse. You need to be aware of current trends and what users look for in the Play store. Whether you work for a company or run your own business, you need to take care of essential points to develop a successful app. It would be helpful if you could enroll in an app development course. These courses are likely to train you on the dos and don’ts of credible app development practices.

Best Platform to Develop Your App

The most prominent app development platforms in 2018 are Android and iOS. As far as market share is concerned, Android holds 87.5%, Apple holds 12.1%, and the remaining 0.4% belongs to HTML5. You would have to choose between Android and iOS for a single operating system app. Since Android has a higher market share, you may consider putting your app on Play Store, however, the Apple market store is making more profit compared to Google Play. You can even consider coming up with PhoneGap application which will run on all the platforms flawlessly.


You may get carried away by Apple, as the Google Play store does not have the same revenue as Apple, yet. However, the Google Play store does have a higher number of downloads. It is giving fierce competition to Apple and is likely to outshine it in 2018. If you are still confused what to choose, then the solution is to gauge one’s requirements.

  • If you want maximum downloads, go for Android.
  • If making money is what you want, go for iOS.

You can reduce significant cost if app development is compatible with both the platforms. It will be a bang for the buck if your app exists on both platforms with your access to 99.6% market share.

Inquisitive app design

A good app must have an engaging design. If you want to develop a successful app, make sure you consider the following points.

Avoid High Complexity: The simpler an app is, the higher will be its downloads. Do not make it complicated with the intention of being exceptional as it will steal an app’s simplicity. Keep it simple and integrate only what your users need.

Boring Design: Step up from commonality and develop an attractive design. Quality is what a customer looks up to, so your app’s design should stand out when compared to your rival’s app. In-depth knowledge of the app world would be helpful to meet standards and set new benchmarks. A modern website with streamlined navigation is much better than an old boxy HTML one. You can even go for an android app development certification that introduces you to the latest trends and masters you in designing a user-friendly app. Or, you can always hire a creative iOS or Android app developer.

Efficient Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy can be a game changer. You should start preparing 2-3 weeks before the app launch. Listing your app on Play Store, adding an app to a review website, and using the right keywords plays a vital role in an app’s promotion. You can also go for in-app advertising which means promoting one’s app in existing apps. Doing so will enhance customer engagement. You can also include social media platforms. With some practical tips, you can promote your app in the best way possible.



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