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Top 5 Ways How Google Trends Help SEO

Google Trends is an effective and free program that offers information and statistics regarding the popularity of particular search phrases on both Google and YouTube. There are many reasons it’s become a trendy resource for research using big data and applications. Google Trends is easy to use, not just in collecting data but also in offering options to compare. It was first introduced in 2006, and the current version was released in May 2018. Google Trends can be used to Google Trends to:

  • Find out what’s trending recently.
  • Discover the hot subjects or topics within an industry or theme.
  • Explore trends in geographic search specific to your region.

Google trends are not limited to these features; some of its advanced and valuable features are as under:

 Go with Keyword Research

You can conduct keyword research using Google Trends by entering a specific search phrase in the search box located on the homepage. As default, it runs the search results of Google’s top searches for keywords. You could also alter it to search YouTube data for search results instead. You can change the time by increasing the range of dates. Keyword research can help determine which keywords are increasing in popularity and identify keyword phrases that become less popular as time passes.

Finding Related Keywords with keyword planner

This feature is practical because it allows you to discover more relevant and relevant terms based on your primary keyword. When you type in a search phrase on the homepage, it will return a list of terms they consider close to the search you are making. Google Trends provides the keywords in ascending order of importance and can give you the exact percentage of search volume growth for each. Also, if you go for finding related keywords manually, it will consume a lot of time and effort, and still, the data will not be accurate. Using Google Trends will help you find related keywords and their keyword difficulty and search volume simultaneously without wasting time and effort.

Get More Advanced with Specific Search Options

Let’s say you’re selling women’s clothing in your shop. Google Trends shows that searches for this are growing and are a great indicator. However, you must find out what keywords to target, how to label your categories of products, and how to improve your blog’s content about women’s blouses. A simple trick to try is to glance at “Related questions,” located on the right-hand side of the “Related subjects” section that we have just spoken about.

In all the 25 queries, you’ll always find the callout for the colour. In the above graphic, two search results show the black colour. On the other pages, you’ll see pink, blue, white, and green. In these cases, you could decide to create a category based on colour, like “black blouses.” But you could also add these keywords on your page for the product and in the product’s title. “Women’s shirts” as well as “blouses specifically designed for women” can also be included as a category of products due to their search volumes and are a good fit for this type of clothing.

Target by Location

In the past, performing the “search” was usually an activity that occurred to purchase a particular product. For businesses, you can use data from search activity to analyze, monitor, and determine whether an item, service, or concept is suitable for a specific market.

If, for instance, you are a manufacturer of shoes for sports and are thinking of launching a line of skating skates made of ice. Google Trends can show the volume of searches for this particular keyword differs between cities and from state to state. “Interest in Subregions” helps to determine and pinpoint those areas that have the highest demand for goods, as well as sharpening and enhancing an SEO strategy.

Use Long-Tail Key Phrases to Inspire Content

The ability to rank among the top results for every search query that pertains to a company isn’t a simple task. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show up on the first page of search results. This is because Long Tail key phrases can help you rank for more extended periods until the exact question is being looked up.

The majority of people search for queries rather than just simple keywords. For instance, shirts for men under rs 3000 can be found instead of shirts under rs 3000. Long-tail keywords can enhance the appeal of your website and will be a factor for Google to take into consideration in its search results.



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