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7 Factors to consider while hiring best SEO Company in Raipur

7 Factors to consider while hiring best SEO Company in Raipur

Digital marketing has emerged as a new way of marketing. Traditional marketing had a typical concept of approach from company to consumer but this concept has totally changed by digital marketing. Consumers search on Google for products and services they need, if your website will get found on Google then you can easily convert these potential leads into sales.

People usually go through the top results of 1st two pages out of all search engine result pages. According to the survey, 50% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results and over 91% do not go past page 2 of the search result. So even if you have your well-designed website with all the necessary information placed on it, it is of no use if it doesn’t appear on top whenever someone searches for the query related to your business.

For example: Suppose you are running a restaurant in Kolhapur and you have your business website which shows your restaurant information with the menu. If any customer tries to search online for “Best restaurant in Kolhapur” and your website doesn’t appear in the top results then that customer will not be able to contact you or order food from your restaurant. So it is very important to be in top search results to convert the inquiry into business.

Search engine optimization is a process that helps to get a higher rank for a particular query in search engine result pages.

1. Online Presence
The best way to check the efficiency of any company is to go through their website. You can get all the necessary information regarding the company & their team. You can read & evaluate the quality of the content from the company’s website so that you can be assured to get quality SEO work.

2. SEO Campaign
SEO Campaign is one of the most important aspects of the SEO process. Most of the SEO service providers don’t give much importance to the guidelines provided by the search engine for better results. IP Websoft designs SEO campaigns in such a way that it will not divulge any guidelines to generate organic traffic for your website.
There are mainly two types of SEO techniques that can be used:
a. White hat techniques:
1. This refers to the techniques which are not breaking any search engine rules.
2. Result of white hat techniques exists for long term.
3. Some of the white hat techniques are keyword analysis, unique & original content writing, natural and high-quality link building etc.

b. Black hat techniques:
1.These types of techniques only focus on getting a higher rank without considering search engine rules.
2. Instant & short-term results are the output of black hat techniques.
3. Some of the black hat techniques are keyword stuffing, blog spamming, doorway pages etc.

Though black hat techniques will give quick results they will not be stable. It is always recommended to use white hat techniques for SEO, which will give you long term results.
3. SEO Strategies
While working on search engine optimization, one must consider both the strategies for getting faster and long-term results. Following are the two important strategies of SEO:
a. On-Page Optimization: It deals with the website structure & content of the website.
b. Off-Page Optimization: It deals with the relevant backlinks from high ranking websites.

4. Client Reviews
One of the easiest ways to find out the quality of service provided by any company is to check their client reviews. You can get a clear idea about the work process by going through their past work. You can get work assurance from the genuine opinion of existing clients about the quality of service provided by the company.

5. Cost of Service
Choose the company that quotes the affordable price for your business. IP Websoft provides a free SEO analysis facility; you just need to fill the form for getting the best suitable quotation as per your requirement.

6. User Interaction
The best SEO company will first listen to your needs & then apply strategies accordingly. Communication with the company should be convenient to get satisfactory results. Choose the company which is available for your queries. We provide monthly performance reports to our clients for complete transparency.

7. Maintenance
SEO is not one time process; it needs continuous efforts to maintain a high rank for a long duration. You must get an affordable SEO renewal package for maintaining the achieved ranking position as it is.



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