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Using Marketing Automation To Enhance Efficiency And Productivity What is Marketing Automation?

Using Marketing Automation To Enhance Efficiency And Productivity

What is Marketing Automation?

In reality, it refers to the use of technology to develop automated processes for time-consuming, laborious, and essential tasks that are applied across numerous channels to obtain more qualified leads that convert to customers. Several steps or procedures complete a sales or marketing task called “workflow.” Marketing automation tools can be used to streamline mundane and repetitive work like email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns, lead scoring, and report creation, freeing up your staff from these endless data-entry chores so they can concentrate more on your business’s marketing and sales efforts to grow the bottom-line.

How Can Marketing Automation Boost Productivity

Let’s talk about how you can use marketing automation to improve team productivity, raise sales effectiveness, and achieve goals more quickly.

Develop Entirely Automatic Welcome Programmes

Create welcome autoresponder emails as soon as a new member or consumer signs up.

New clients use welcome autoresponder emails to familiarise themselves with your company. To entice them to choose your brand once more, you might educate them on the principles that guide it and the people who work on it and provide them with a discount on their subsequent buy.

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Using automated email flows, you can follow the consumer journey across several product categories in your eCommerce business. On-site activities like looking through the products listed in the emails and clicking on deals set off data collecting, resulting in individualised online content and product suggestions, promoting overall purchase activity.

Automate Campaigns Across All Channels

Your sales-conversion pipeline can be sped up while demanding less management with automated omnichannel or multi-channel campaigns. In just a few minutes after they engage with your eCommerce site, you can target consumers with hyper-personalised product suggestions via location-based push notifications, emails, retargeted advertisements, and native content.

Improve Your Client Retention

For this kind of customer, abandoned carts and win-back emails are helpful strategies to re-engage them in the buying process.

Long-term customer retention is improved when a brand’s online customer flows have a flawless feedback loop. Your bottom line will be immediately affected by an incremental rise in ROI of 25–96% from increasing client retention by just 5%. A customer is not entirely lost once they leave your website. Retargeting advertising assists in re-engaging past website visitors to increase conversion rates.

Retargeting and remarketing work together to build a feedback loop that encourages site visitors to return, simplifying your marketing job while providing a tailored user experience.

Personalise Your Customers Better

Customers today have distinct wants, making categorising them into conventional target market groups challenging. A combination of goods viewed, add-to-carts and regularity and seasonality of on-site interactions are examples of indicators that marketing automation tools can detect and use to offer customised messaging. Make sure you are adhering to local data privacy laws before going down this path when pulling personal information for marketing purposes. With the necessary authorisations, doing so could protect your brand’s reputation.

The Capacity For Continued Development

One of the top perks of marketing automation solutions is the ability to test and learn as rapidly and accurately as possible. With marketing automation, you may specifically target paid advertisements to an audience with such speciality indicators, allowing you to rapidly determine whether or not your messages are being understood by this demographic. It gives your marketing efforts scalability while saving you time and work.

To continually improve email messages, subject lines, creative components, copy, calls-to-action, and audience segments, you can run A/B test campaigns. In test markets, use a multifaceted display campaign to determine which messages are practical and quickly convert visitors into buyers.

Improve Lead Nurturing

Prospecting can be automated depending on indicators like the interval between encounters, selected subscription choices, or pages browsed.

Because you don’t give your rivals a chance to swoop into a prospect’s consideration set, a prompt answer can result in a greater sales prospect conversion rate. Response time is frequently the only differentiating feature because consumer needs are often urgent. The best option for reducing response times is to support automation.

Decrease Costs Over Time

Long-term cost savings come from automating repetitive processes like changing bids, loading creatives, and switching targeting. Instead of hiring a full-time campaign coordinator to handle those duties, you may direct team resources into developing strategy and ideas.

Additionally, you can have a one-stop shop for requirements like dynamic creative production, budget optimisation, audience testing, etc., without having to subscribe to five different platforms.

How to Build a Thriving Marketing Automation Strategy?

Step One: Understanding Your Ideal Consumer Profiles and Journeys

Making a map of the consumer journey is a valuable technique to outline your prospects’ journey. These maps serve as a blueprint for your customer’s journey from when they sign up as leads until they purchase your good or service. As your leads are fostered through the programmed touchpoints, this map will disclose what they are looking for, which will help them express their wants and, in turn, save and generate more money for your business.

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You must have the following information about your consumer to develop a consumer journey map:

  • Profile of your ideal customer
  • Understand the objectives of your prospective customer
  • Recognise buyer touchpoints.
  • Recognise the problems that customers have
  • Analyse and, if necessary, refocus


Step Two: Make SMART Goals

Regular monitoring of your objectives and analytics is crucial for properly configuring your marketing automation tool(s). You can better comprehend the timeframe, amount of touchpoints, and cost to reach your primary goals when you know the metrics and touchpoints that bring you your current conversions. Because marketing automation mainly relies on data, workflows must include campaign measurement. When you start using your workflows, keep an eye on the following important performance indicators:

  • Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) Website Traffic

Metrics on engagement give you information on how your prospects react to the content you deliver. Performance indicators let you know, for instance, how candidates perceive the value of your content at each stage of the flywheel. ROI metrics are observable indicators that support the cost and team effort of your marketing automation software.

Step Three: Assess Your Procedures for Gaps

A few reasons could cause your workflows, lead-scoring programme, and other marketing automation activities to operate less optimally. They are:

  • Inefficient audience segmentation
  • Misaligned sales and marketing
  • The standard or depth of your content

If you investigate each of these issues and nothing stands out as a problem, go back and review your consumer profiles and consumer journey maps.

Upselling And Cross-Selling In Marketing Automation Following Initial Customer Acquisition

The finest marketers keep running marketing automation sequences even after they’ve won a client; halting your automation efforts after a lead converts to a client is losing money. Once a lead converts to a customer, turning them into a devoted client who buys more of your business’s goods and services and sends you referrals for suitable customers is essential. Keep your flywheel spinning at top speed by continuing to serve your customers with relevant material via your marketing automation software.

How to Seek the Correct Marketing Automation Tool for your Company?

Today, there are a lot of tools available, which causes choice paralysis for many businesses. When selecting a marketing automation platform, the following are some excellent questions to ask yourself:



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