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How To Achieve Your Business goals With A Learning Management System

How To Achieve Your Business goals With A Learning Management System

Every business has a set of goals, and a skilled team can contribute immensely to achieve them. By offering timely training and performance evaluation, organisations can create a skilful team to grow and expand their business. However, the challenge lies in managing this whole process of creating training goals, monitoring performance, reviewing progress, and receiving timely feedback. Without a robust and efficient technology in place, employee training can be a time-consuming task, resulting in increased learning and development cost.

A learning management system (LMS) can simplify the training process by providing tools that help in managing and optimising the organisational learning more efficiently. Every employee has different learning needs, and an LMS can help to ensure that a training program meets their specific requirements. It allows you to deliver a training course that will provide employees with the knowledge and skills required for achieving your business goals.


Why align a training program with your business objectives


The growth of any business is related to people who work in the organisation. Therefore, their knowledge, skills, and learning motivation become a critical factor in boosting productivity, growing the business, and earning a competitive advantage in the market. But how to make sure that business and employees both grow mutually? By aligning your training with your business objectives so that the learning becomes more real, tangible, and meaningful to their daily work. When employees learn with a goal in mind, it enhances their performance, which helps businesses to achieve their targets more quickly and efficiently.


How LMS helps to achieve your business goals:


Set individual goals


An LMS can assist you in setting up learning goals for individuals or teams. Whether it is to increase revenue, improve customer experience or boost productivity, learners can access training as per their personal goals while you can track, monitor, and improve their progress in real-time. We helped our client TVS Credit Service Ltd to create learning objectives for their sales workforce. We automated the induction modules based on department and products to align the training courses with the learning goals of employees.


Drive performance


Now that you have set the goals, it is time to create performance metrics that will determine the success of a training program. Every employee has assigned Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs), and an LMS can help them to gain specific knowledge and skills that will increase their performance at work. We integrated competency management tools into LMS for our client Procter & Gamble to categorise and track the skills. It helped the company to asses employee competencies that could boost their performance at the job. We also digitised the sales training and implementated on-the-job training calendar to evaluate the progress and performance of all the users.


Evaluate skill gaps


Once you know which competencies can boost the performance, it is time to evaluate the skills gaps. By assessing learner’s knowledge level and skill set, you can create learning modules that fill the gap as well as improve knowledge retention. We assisted our client, TVS Credit Service Ltd, to do the skill evaluation of employees as part of their ‘individual development’ program. We integrated the LMS with their existing HRMS and incorporated tools that facilitated internal exams and helped to map out employee’s learning abilities.


Promote self-driven learning


A mobile LMS gives employees the ability to learn at the convenience of their time and space. By adding elements like microlearning and gamification to your training, you can make them learn and retain knowledge in a more interactive way. Also, they can learn at work without compromising with their daily tasks, which helps in building a self-driven learning environment in the organisation. As an LMS partner, we worked with companies like Colgate-Palmolive and Godrej and supported them to deliver mobile-based training by using gamified solutions and bite-sized content in multimedia formats.

Today, employees are eager to learn and they demand a meaningful and engaging training program that can add value to their work. Therefore, you should introduce them to the best learning management system that enhances their productivity and performance, while helping you to achieve your business goals.



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