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Before starting if you’re a new user if you’re the first time and you’re really interested in starting WordPress Plugins Development.

Please stop there if you don’t know how to build a custom theme from scratch.

If you don’t know how WordPress works , we’ll go inside the settings API or all the stuff that you need to do to build a custom WordPress mega menu.

If you’re completely basic, if you’re a total beginner you don’t know.

What you’re doing just starts with the premium development to learn how to build a pretty cool theme and then continue with the WordPress mega menu series.

where we –start doing some object oriented programming code to touch the wall kernel class and build a custom theme.

if you follow all those series or you’re an experienced developer you just want to learn how to build plug-in you’re in the perfect place.

So what are we going to do in this Session, we’re going to just take a look at how to build a plug-in and how to let WordPress recognize our plugins.

we’re going to take a look at the regular hooks of WordPress to handle activation, deactivation and deletion of plug-in and tap the database.

So let’s learn and spend a little bit of time to know how to do things properly. How to do the plug-in is pretty quick.

we’re not going to spend too much time on it but building different types of plugins.

And using object-oriented I mean to build different types of plugins. It’s really interesting.

so you really need to know your basics and you really need to know WordPress and all the object-oriented programming stuff for WordPress.

Because those are really important without those basic knowledge pieces or without that basic understanding of object-oriented programming in PHP.

It’s going to be really hard for you to follow these series so I’m super excited and super pumped to start this session.

Let’s learn how to code and just that’s okay we’re gonna have a lot of fun and usually if you like this quick introduction about this amazing session that you’re going to start.

The next first amazing lesson of plug-in development is serious happy coding.

Welcome to the one of these brand new series on,



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