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You want your brand to be found on Google?

Over the years, Digital marketing has become a gamechanger for many brands in Bilaspur.
It is continuously overlooking many marketing channels, with over 80% population of Bilaspur
using the Internet.
Through digital marketing, you can:
● Reach a more targeted public in an extra cost-effective and measured way
● Outcompete other businesses, especially if you’re a small business
● Engage with prospects and learn relevant insights from them
● Be laser-focused with your audience
● Reach an International marketplace from Bilaspur itself
● Internet is where your customers are. So using digital marketing channels is beneficial to
reach them, hence establishing awareness around your brand is not only in Bilaspur but
also all over Chhattisgarh.
To get begun with digital marketing, here following are some strategies you can do to increase
customer friendship with your product in Bilaspur.
You want your brand to be found on Google and beat the competition. And this is what search
engine optimization that is SEO can accomplish for you.
SEO helps present your business in front of your customers. This strategy empowers your
webpage to appear on the first page of search results, like Google.
The prime role of SEO is to gain websites authentic and organic site traffic from the search
engine results page.
This is done through multiple on-page and off-page methods.
What’s a better place to be as a brand than with social media?
These platforms have billions of social media users waiting to become your customer. Also, it’s
free to create your accounts on social media. And if you’re running ads, you can achieve a lot
with a meagre budget.
With the number of opportunities available using social media marketing, you don’t want to miss
out on this essential marketing strategy.
So, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, or other channels, it is important
to build your presence using social media marketing to boost brand awareness.
Set “SMART” goals just like Bilaspurians ; )

You have to be specific and crystal clear on your goals when using social media marketing, and
the SMART goal structure helps you with that.
The SMART framework needs you to have goals that are:
Remarketing Campaigns
Remarketing is a type of online advertisement that enables you to show laser-focused ads to
somebody who has already visited your website.
This ad tracks visitors across the Internet. They resemble as they browse the web, watch
YouTube videos, and scroll through their social media feeds.

How Remarketing Impacts Brand Awareness
Remarketing entitles you to endure connection with your audience. Once the audience visits
your website the ads will follow them all over the web.
This gives your brand prominent exposure. And prominent exposure means your brand grows
more recognizable, giving you a competing advantage.
But apart from brand awareness, remarketing campaigns also enhances the chance for your
visitors to take action.
This is particularly crucial since 70% to 96% of websites visitors neglect without taking action
and will never return if you don’t remarket and retarget them



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